I'd rather die enormous than live dormant.

In short, our dilemma is that we want to empower students to succeed in the dominant culture so that they can transform it from within; but we fear that if they do succeed, their thinking will be changed in such a way that they no longer want to transform it.
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Patricia Bizzell, Academic Discourse and Critical Consciousness, p. 228

I’m reading this for the first time for our reading group for the rhetoric and composition doctoral comprehensive exam (tomorrow at 2pm, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading today because I am a slacker). It’s brilliant. The approach, the ideas, bah — it’s brilliant. 

I’m taking a course called Critical Pedagogy this semester (and this book will probably be discussed in it) that I think is going to turn everything upside down in my teaching. Or maybe right side up.

Also, is Paulo Freire acceptable beach reading? 

Recipes I’ve tried: get yo’ veggies edition. Whenever I get back from traveling, I really want to cook. More specifically, I generally want to eat veggies. Especially post-Alaska. Not many veggies in Alaska. You should see the prices on produce. Here’s what I’ve had lately. 

Cauliflower Fried Rice. I usually don’t buy this cauliflower-rice thing. I made some Mexican cauliflower rice that was not great. But this? It taste amazing, with the typical fried rice taste and all the great mix-ins. Add some protein, or make it with some baked eggrolls. 

Honey Mustard Roasted Cabbage. I was so excited when I saw this recipe on A Beautiful Mess. I love cabbage, but I don’t really have many cabbage side dish recipes up my sleeve. This is baked cabbage with honey mustard and panko. Even if you don’t like cabbage, try this — you just might like it. 

Twice-Baked Blue Cheese and Quinoa Sweet Potatoes with Arugula. I make some variation of this maybe once a week for lunch — it’s that good. And filling. And good for you. I often skip the salad (because I always have sweet potato, quinoa and cheese on hand), but it’s a nice addition.

Crispy Cucumber Salsa. Healthy veggie dip. Like, a dip made of veggies, ideal on water crackers or baked tortilla chips. I’m not even a huge cucumber fan and this is delicious. I would suggest suckering someone else into helping you with it, since it is a lot of knife work. Or maybe I’m just lazy. 



credit: prenck

Just because I suffered a bout jet-lag-induced insomnia that included an hour of me staring at the ceiling asking myself “How on earth am I going to write a dissertation?”

Now back to reading and annotating my PDF (that I made in the library — sorry, I’m poor and out of bookshelves) of Patricia Bizzell’s Academic Discourse and Critical Consciousness, one of many books on the rhet/comp comprehensive exam list. 

I love summer. These babies were 98 cents a pint. I consider it a great act of self-restraint because I only bought two. 

I’m also liking those little rituals that come with being home again, like going to the grocery store. And my fourth eye appointment of the summer. And the obligatory trip to the mall because, well, I was already in Webster (I found these darling $7 floral print pants — I know that sounds ridiculous but they’re really not — from H&M). 

There’s still more than a month left of summer. Here’s to it being equal parts of productivity and fun. 

Day 7 in Kodiak. Sadly, our last full day. We picked up camp this morning, then Andrew and I went for a little lunch date (that’s the “Treehugger” sandwich if you’re curious — 11 or so veggies) followed by a pint of beer at Kodiak Island Brewing (the Sarah Pale Ale — get it?!). We also took a few photos that we’ve had on our to-do list, like the lumber. Tomorrow will be some souvenir shopping and packing — so sad to go, but it’s been an amazing vacay. 

Day 6 in Kodiak (yesterday): camping day! Sunny, high in the low 60s, low in the high 40s, daylight until midnight or later. We made hot dogs, went for walks on the Buskin river, played dominoes, made smores, and goofed around with the kids. 

Day 5 in Kodiak. We climbed all over Abercrombie, this gorgeous state park. Hiking trails, wildflower trails, mossy trails, and of course, overlooks — including our second bald eagle sighting. Then we had some excellent pizza and feta at a Greek-restaurant-slash-pizzeria in town called Sparrows. I highly recommend you check it out if you ever get the chance. In the afternoon, we drove up (thank goodness, my legs are about to revolt from all the hiking) Pillar Mountain, where there are wind turbines and excellent views of the island. It was full sunlight today (and of course most of tonight), which was positively lovely.

Camping tomorrow!


Monday thoughts.

Day 4 in Kodiak (yesterday!): HIKE DAY. We hiked Old Woman, one of the mountains on the island. 7 miles in total, much of which was pretty steep. After that, we gorged ourselves and spent the afternoon relaxing. It didn’t rain a drop today, which was a pleasant change. 

Day 3 in Kodiak! Lunch date with my sister at the best little coffee shop in Kodiak. Lots of board games and card games this afternoon and evening, but we did make it to the Coast Guard base (my brother-in-law is in the USCG) to go to Jewel Beach and hunt for sea glass and to check out some aircraft. 

Recipes I’ve tried: Summer Veggies edition. Lots of summer veggies sneaking into my new recipes lately, and no complaint here. 

Corn cakes with goat cheese and avocado. I love corn cakes, don’t you? I was surprised at how easy these were, and the flavors were incredible. Don’t skimp on the goat cheese. 

Grilled asparagus with creamy lemony quinoa. I have never grilled asparagus, but it’s definitely a good idea. I don’t think you really need the dressing at all — lemon, roasted red pepper and feta in quinoa is tasty as is. 

Baked veggie parmesan. This was real good — good on pasta, good on toast, good over spaghetti squash. I used half the required fennel (because I am cheap) and it still turned out well — you could omit the fennel altogether if you don’t like the flavor. 

Grilled vegetable quinoa salad with citrus vinaigrette. I reduced the dressing on this one, too. I also didn’t grill the vegetables, since we only have a tiny grill pan. I roasted them, and it turned out fine. Andrew really loved this one, which was surprising since he’s not a huge veggie or quinoa guy (he’s coming around, though).